Grinding and Removal

Wood waste processing is our specialty. Utilizing top of the line equipment, we can mobilize to almost any location within very short notice, which enables our customer's to experience a shorter wait time for service. With devotion and determination we strive daily to complete the task quickly, safely and as cost efficient as possible. We have the ability to grind anything from land clearing wood waste, such as brush and logs, to beautiful double ground hardwood quality mulch.

Moo Poo and Topsoil Blend

Composting has been a part of our business for over 10 years. We have manufactured, marketed and sold our signature compost "Moo Poo" to the Tri-Cities area with remarkable results. "Moo Poo" is a high nutrient manure based screened compost consisting of local waste streams. We use local livestock manure, local leaf waste, and local wood waste to make our completely organic compost. We have each batch of compost lab tested for quality and nutrients.


Our Topsoil Blend is not your "run of the mill" topsoil. The good thing is, the price is the same as the"run of the mill" topsoil that you can get in the Tri-Cities area. The difference in our topsoil is it is a 50% "run of the mill" topsoil mixed with 50% leaf compost and screened for uniform consistency. The screening process makes our Topsoil Blend a more user friendly product eliminating big rocks and chunks of wood, making our product a premium topsoil.


We offer delivery of these products!!! 


We pride ourselves in carrying superior quality mulch products. We offer four different quality products.  Each of these products will add beauty and value to any landscape design. Dark Double Ground Hardwood Bark is our all natural dark brown, blended, hardwood bark mulch which is been finely ground and aged. We, also carry Black Dyed mulch, Brown Dyed mulch and Red Dyed mulch. These two products are aged and recycled hardwoods that have been organically dyed. The dyed products will hold their color much longer than the natural products. Shredded Mulch is also a natural mulch product that is made of  whole tree wood chips reground and aged.This product is perfect for a base mulch or ground cover mulch. We  offer delivery of all  these products!!! 

Wood waste Dump Site 

We are a company with a passion for waste stream solutions. We want to help other companies and municipalities with the same passion to solve waste stream problems.  So we offer an open to the public  leaf and wood waste disposal site.  We can take any kind of clean wood waste from chips, to pallets, to logs as big as 18" in diameter and 12 ft in length. We cannot take trash, plastic, rocks, metal, stumps, painted pallets, particle board or plywood.


Tipping Fees             $25 - All Truck