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We pride ourselves in carrying superior products for both landscapers and home owners. We offer eight different quality products. Each of these products will add beauty and value to any landscape design.  We price everything by the cubic yard.


Dark Double Ground Hardwood Bark is our all natural dark brown, blended, hardwood bark mulch which is been finely ground and aged - $35/yd


Black Dyed and Brown Dyed are aged and recycled hardwoods that have been organically dyed. The dyed products will hold their color much longer than the natural products - $60/yd

Red Dyed is made of recycled wood and is colored with a non-toxic dye - $60/yd


Garden Mulch is also a natural mulch product that is made of  whole tree wood chips reground and aged. This product is perfect for a base mulch, ground cover mulch, or as the name implies, a mulch for your garden - $20/yd

Playground Mulch is a natural wood chip that is light in color, ideal for playground areas - $30/yd

Moo Poo™ is a high nutrient manure based, screened compost.  We use local livestock manure, local leaf waste and local wood waste to make our completely natural "old fashioned" compost - $50/yd

Topsoil Mix is composed of a 50% "run of the mill" topsoil mixed with 50% leaf compost, screened for uniform consistency - $50/yd

We offer delivery of all these products!!! 

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