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Our History

By way of introduction, Superior Mulch, LLC, is a woman-owned, "Green" company devoted to the recycling of organic products and wood waste for a better world.  We focus on recycling wood waste for boiler fuel as well as doing commercial and small business grinding jobs. Our company has gone through several transitions in our 20 plus years of business formerly, Landscape Management Services. We served the Tri-cities' region of Upper East Tennessee and Southwest Virginia and Northwest North Carolina fifteen years as a wholesale grower and contractor of nursery stock and landscaping supplies.  The management of Landscape Management Services began to explore the mulch market and wood waste problems in these areas in effort to see if the two could work together beneficially.   


In 1993, the decision was made to focus all resources on the mulch business. The research led to a concern about the lack of an approved, permitted, disposal site for wood waste. Landscape Management Services applied for and received a permit, which allowed them, to receive wood waste, for the purpose of processing it into quality mulch. The success of the first four years of operation led the owners of LMS to realize the need to change the business name to Superior Mulch, LLC.  This new name would be a reflection of the nature of our changing business. This proved to be a wise move for Superior Mulch, LLC and the focused attention paid off. The commitment to the production of consistent quality mulch was rewarded with a strong loyal customer base. We were able to expand from our 10 acre manufacturing yard in Blountville, TN, to include two focused retail sites. When we opened our locations on W. Market Street, Johnson City, TN, and E. Stone Drive, Kingsport, TN, we chose to call them The Mulch Place.


In January of 2010, we sold The Mulch Place in order to concentrate more on assisting local cities, municipalities, contractors and mulch businesses with their grinding and wood waste concerns. Along with our grinding we have continued building our compost business. By maintaining our Permit-By-Rule, companies can bring their brush and tree trimmings to our site, be relieved from the liability of the product and know it is being recycled. 


Having a background in the nursery business we recognized a need for quality compost. We developed and trademarked a signature product called Moo Poo™, which has been very successful. With the decrease in demand for boiler fuel in our local area the expansion of our composting operation will enable us to better utilize the wood waste contracts we currently have.

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